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Olivia Victoria is a 26 year old business owner + content creator based in southern California. Born in England, Olivia grew up with the European ideals of working to live and not the other way around.


With an eye for effortless luxe, Olivia curates her content to inspire movement, emotion and inspiration.

"You know that feeling of spending a summer day playing in the sun, your sun kissed skin is tight where the sea's salt has dried, you feel so connected to yourself and the world around you, and you're ready to take a shower and step into your cosiest set? Well, that's my favorite feeling and I try sprinkle that tone of ease and bliss into the content I create.

My time on the mat (teaching workout classes with Kent Wellness Club) and with my camera (creating for myself or clients) is my time to step away from the world and drop into myself. Whether I want to follow a beautifully light movement or smash out a high intensity session, take simple unboxing videos or dream up the creative direction of a campaign, the two are always there for me to truly step into an experience of flow.

I work with with brands I align with and love to bring that brand's essence to life. We’ll work together to dream up the vision and you can leave it to me to execute the rest — from location scouting to photographing, modelling, and delivering the final assets to you, I’m passionate about telling your story and creating content that inspires"

Founder, Olivia Victoria

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