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Your people are your company's most invaluable asset.


Space is featured with Hunter and Folk by Rawan Muqaddas. Photography by Mohammed Taqi Ashkanani.

Allow us to curate an energising experience for your professionals to learn and enjoy. 

At Olivia Victoria Co., we believe it is the responsibility of the firm to enable their professionals to truly show up as their best.


Quick Facts Regarding U.S. Professionals

I. 52% of all workers are feeling burned out.

II. Absenteeism refers to absence from work that extends beyond what would be considered reasonable and customary; depression costs the U.S. $51 billion in absenteeism and lost productivity alone.

III. There is only a 6% difference in burnout rates between employees earning $100K and $30K - money is not the primary solution.

And finally, only 23% of employees use the mental and emotional well-being offerings provided by their firms. Why? We believe this to be a product of stigma at the leadership and, more importantly, project team level and sheer lack of flexibility.

The good news? This is your chance to further disrupt your industry. Invest in your people and they will repay you tenfold with more acute attentiveness, higher productivity, clearer critical thinking, healthy stress management, and general wellbeing. 

And that all begins with

individual wellbeing.

These services are customised to your firm's needs.
Available for leadership and/or employee levels.

We dream up the vision together. 

Olivia Victoria Co. executes, you enjoy.

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Meet the Founder

After briefly attending the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, Olivia transferred and graduated from the University of Miami with degrees in Business Analytics and Physiology. She then went on to be a Technology Consultant at a Big Four accounting firm, developing a focus in cybersecurity consulting. 

"I've been on your side of the table - long working hours, high expectations, and an endless list of to dos. I recognised that those performing best focused on building relationships and had a healthy self esteem. I also learned first hand that in order to show up fully and sharply day in and day out, I had to prioritise my own wellness and be intentional with setting the example for others on my team to do so."

Olivia Victoria, Founder

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